Foldable with rivet
Foldable with screws

The Cork labels can be customized to your needs and are available in 24 Colors.

The Cork labels are soft, flexible and thin enough (±1 mm) to be sewn with a regular sewing machine. What's more, they are durable and hypoallergenic. These labels are made of Cork from the bark of theCork oak tree, which regenerates naturally every 9 years.

So Cork is a good eco-responsible choice and an excellent ecological alternative to animal leather.

Here is an approximate description of the Colors chart: (variable results) 1A Natural/Font dark brown; 1B Brown/black; 1C Dark brown/black; 1D Mauve/black; 1E Garnet/black; 1F Green/dark brown; 1G Pink/dark brown; 1H Blue/dark brown; 1i Yellow/dark brown; Turquoise/black; 1K Khaki/black; 1L Dark gray/black; 1M Brick red/black; 1N Creamy white/dark brown ; 1O Red/dark brown; 1P Aqua/dark brown; 1Q Pale brown/black; 1R Pale grey/black; 2B Natural agglomerate fine/black; 2A2 Natural agglomerate/dark brown; 3A Aggressive white/dark brown; 3B Bright turquoise/black; 3C Golden rose/dark brown; 3D Bright blue-grey/black