Faux Leather

Foldable with rivet
Foldable with screws

Faux leather labels are customizable to your needs and are available in 14 Colors.

Faux leather has a texture and appearance similar to animal leather, while representing a vegan alternative. 

Faux leather labels offer high contrast, a uniform finish and are easy to sew. They are ±1.3mm thick, except for Colors FL-8m, FL-9m and FL-13 which are ±0.6mm thick.

These labels are waterproof, hypoallergenic, flexible and washable.

Here is an approximate description of the Colors chart: FL-1 black with Font silver; FL-2 sand/black; FL-3 dark brown/black; FL-4 grey/black; FL-5 pink/black; FL-6 aqua/black; FL-7 blue/silver; FL-8 fawn/black; FL-9 black/gold; FL-10 brown/gold; FL-11 red/black; FL-12 marbled white/black; FL-13 tan/toned; FL-14 mauve/black; FL-15 white/black; SW-1 woodgrain/black.